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Male Condom Catheters are a catheter for urinary incontinence and help you live a better life. Our male condom catheter let’s you use the restroom normally if you wish or use the male condom catheter feature for the urine collection device built into the disposable male condom catheter.

How Well Does A Condom Catheter Work?

A popular question is “how well does a condom catheter work?” The answer isn’t specific to condom catheters as a product, it has to do with how the company designed it and it also depends if you meant to ask “How well does an external condom catheter work?”. Condom catheters are known to have a high failure rate, but our product has an extremely low failure rate, since we thought about how to fix that exact issue when designing the GeeWhiz.

We have designed our condom catheter to help change lives and it has, since it is made of silicone gel and is non-irritant. It also still allows urine to flow when at a 90 degree angle and even allows you to pee normally like you weren’t wearing a condom catheter if you want to use that feature. We have so many people happy with the GeeWhiz and know you will love it too!



Is Your New Years Resolution To Buy A Condom Catheter?

It’s a new year, which means you can try to change your life for the better. If you have urine incontinence and want to improve your life this year, then you want to buy a condom catheter now. Our external condom catheters are designed to make it so no one should smell the urine stored in the condom catheter, are non-irritant and made out of silicone. We also have a neat feature that let’s you use the toilet while using our external condom catheter.
No one likes smelling urine or wants anyone to notice they use something for urine incontinence, which is why we’ve designed our external condom catheter to try and tailor to these needs as much as possible. We believe it is the best condom catheter on the market and our rave reviews from our customers show that they agree.


We hope you have a great 2017 and have all your urine incontinence needs fulfilled!

What Is A Urine Device? — Urine device

A urine device can be a lot of things, but when we say urine device we are referring to an external condom catheter, unlike other condom catheters. While there are diapers and other products that are supposed to help with this issue, they create more problems then they solve. People who go out in public wouldn’t want to use diapers, because they’re very noticable and generally when wet people can smell them. Diapers are not the urine device you are looking for, no you need an external condom catheter. While a lot of external condom catheter brands have a high failure rate, we don’t. We also allow people to pee normally at a toilet if they wanted to do so, or they can just use the built-in condom catheter features that collects the urine and attempts to mask all the smell from urine. It is also non-irritant, since it is made from silicone gel.


So to sum things up a urine device is a product that collects urine, however we believe we’ve built the best urine collecting condom catheter on the market. We hope you try it out and believe so too.


External Condom Catheter Feature Allows You To Pee Normally

Our external catheter is unique to say the least. Why do I say that? Because unlike other external catheters, or some just call them condom catheters, ours allows you to pee normally, like you would without a catheter. This is due to our innovative mechanisim called the quick connect / disconnect feature that other catheters don’t offer. We designed the GeeWhiz with the customers usability and comfort while using the product as the top priority. Since we care about comfort, we have designed our catheters to be non-irritant by using only silicone gel and special gel strips for the external catheter.

Since we think about the customer first, we provide amazing customer service helping users with any and all questions related to the Geewhiz external condom catheter.  You can always call us at 1-800-639-9323 or  read our online frequently asked questions page   to help you 24/7.

Can Male Condom Catheters Make Me Money? Possibly!

You may wonder if a male condom catheter can make you money, well the honest answer is in an indirect way they might be able to. Some people don’t want people to smell their urine or wear diapers, because let’s face it, it’s embarrassing. So, how can you make money with Male condom catheters? It isn’t the catheter in itself that makes you money, it’s how you use it. If you need to fly a plane a long distance and are unable to use the restroom, then you need a way to relieve yourself of urine. Our Male condom catheter can help you do just that. It can’t fly the plane for you, but it can help you with your urinary issues which can possibly result in you making money if you’re a pilot. Truckers get fines for throwing bottles of urine out the window and damages our world and costs millions of tax paying dollars to clean up, yet if they use a male condom catheter like the Geewhiz it could save them fines, help the eco-system and save tax dollars!

So, while Male condom catheters won’t make you money just by wearing them, they do give you the ability to perform better in your job, especially jobs that require a great deal of focus and don’t have time for breaks, whether it is a hacking contest called capture the flag that can go for days, a filibuster in the senate, paragliding, or anything else that requires a great amount of focus our male condom catheter can help you pee and be free while making money!

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Condom Catheters & Who Uses Them

Who uses condom catheters

This is a really good question, one that I personally asked the inventor Paul Dwork, who created the Geewhiz a male external condom catheter when I came on board. I was quite surprised when he told me that it ranges from your airplane pilot who doesn’t have the luxury to get up and go to the restroom during a long flight that you’re on to all sorts of other people. Some other people are paragliders, truckers who get fined for throwing bottles of urine out of their truck window, and people who have illnesses. So basically every male may be able to use a condom catheter at some point in time. I am certain that senators who do filibusters could use a condom catheter, however as far as we know they don’t.

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Why do people use condom catheters?

As explained above there are a variety of reasons as to why people might use condom catheters, but the main reason is because they don’t have access to a restroom or can’t get to it fast enough, like those with urgency issues. Whether you have parkinsons, or are flying a plane we believe the Geewhiz condom catheter is for you.

So as you can tell condom catheters are quite helpful and condom catheter uses have a giant range of users. Who knows, the person sitting next to who just got a raise that never gets up to use the restroom and seems like a robot might be using the Geewhiz condom catheter since it eliminates odor. It is quite possible that you have friends using condom catheters and you’ll never know it. Condom catheters allow people to perform more efficiently in jobs that take a long time where you have to leave and use the restroom. Some jobs just leaving for a few minutes could turn into a disaster. We aren’t suggesting that everyone who works uses a condom catheter, just that those who do might have an advantage that you don’t.

Prostate Surgery urine incontince questions — Urine Device

People have questions about prostate surgery, so we’ve written up a question and answer list to urine incontinence questions related to prostate surgery, whether it be for prostate cancer or something else.

Q: Does every prostate surgery cause urine incontinence?

A: Post Surgically a significant number of men will experience urinary incontinence, and or leakage. This is normal after surgery and one should be prepared in advance to deal with this issue. The best way to prepare for the unexpected, is to try something before the surgery, so that one is not working when they are potentially compromised and not feeling well.
Q: I heard one Prostate surgery side-effect is urine incontinence. How
often does that happen and how will I know if it is likely to happen to

A: This happens to some degree with most men after surgery. It is e This is normal and can last up to 6 months, and in some cases be an indefinite problem. It must be noted that any surgical procedure does cause some trauma to this sensitive area, and the healing process must be allowed adequate time.

A recent article supplied the following information :

Why Do Prostate Cancer Treatments Cause Urinary Incontinence?

Are There New Techniques That Reduce the Chance of Becoming Incontinent?

What Can Be Done to Treat Urinary Incontinence after Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Urinary incontinence, or the loss of the ability to control urination, is common in men who have had surgery or radiation for prostate cancer. You should prepare for this possibility and understand that, for a while, at least, urinary incontinence may complicate your life.

There are different types of urinary incontinence and differing degrees of severity. Some men dribble urine, whereas others will experience a total leakage. Loss of urine with a cough, sneeze or laugh is called stress incontinence and is the most common type of urine leakage men experience after prostate surgery. On the other hand, the need to frequently urinate with episodes of leakage, called urge incontinence, is the type seen most often after radiation treatment. Doctors continue to improve treatments for prostate cancer to reduce post-surgery and post-radiation incontinence.

The solution and preparation for the possibility of incontinence or leakage is to look at the GeeWhiz IMD for male incontinence. It offers not only a means to collect the urine, but with the silicone gel seal, there is not irritation, or trauma to the penis when applying or removing. In addition, many Physician want their patient to practice controlling and exercising the muscles that control urinating. This is called Kagle Exercise. Many Physicians fell that by wearing a condom catheter the patient will not do the exercises. With the GeeWhiz IMD, and it “quick connect/disconnect” connector, this exercise can be done at the urinal without removing the catheter. It is the only one at this time that offers this feature, and meets the needs of the Physician that want their patient to use the Kagle Exercise.

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