How Well Does A Condom Catheter Work?

A popular question is “how well does a condom catheter work?” The answer isn’t specific to condom catheters as a product, it has to do with how the company designed it and it also depends if you meant to ask “How well does an external condom catheter work?”. Condom catheters are known to have a high failure rate, but our product has an extremely low failure rate, since we thought about how to fix that exact issue when designing the GeeWhiz.

We have designed our condom catheter to help change lives and it has, since it is made of silicone gel and is non-irritant. It also still allows urine to flow when at a 90 degree angle and even allows you to pee normally like you weren’t wearing a condom catheter if you want to use that feature. We have so many people happy with the GeeWhiz and know you will love it too!