External Condom Catheter Failure Rates

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GeeWhiz® External Condom Catheter
Product Overview

The GeeWhiz®  External  Condom Catheter for men is for sale and you can buy it now. The GeeWhiz® is protected by 5 issued and other U.S. Patents Pending.
There are many benefits to the design and use of the  GeeWhiz® external condom catheter:

  • Medicare and qualified Private Insurance Plans approved our male condom catheter!
  • 100% Silicone Catheter
  • Urine Flows When Catheter Bent at 90 degrees
  • Silicone GelStrip® For Superior Seal
  • Non-Irritating GelStrip, Easy To Remove Superior Condom Retention
  • Accommodates Circumcised & Non-Circumcised Patients
  • QuickSnap™ Connect/Disconnect Nozzle
  • No More Adult Diapers! ™
  • Non-Prescription Delivery available to the privacy of your home or facility

Where can The GeeWhiz Male Condom Catheter be used?

The Male Condom Catheter can be used in the comfort of your own Home. It also works well for those in convalescent homes and extended care homes. It is extremely useful for Post Prostatic Surgery & Interstitial Cystitis Patents & anything else that creates an urge resulting in overflow incontinence.
Those who travel and are on a plane for a long time use the geewhiz, including Truckers, airplane pilots, Divers who don’t want to resurface just to use the restroom and Golfers who love the sport so much they just can’t take a break. No, we didn’t forget the amazing sports fans and hunters who are so busy with their game that they are unable to take a break. As you can tell our medicare approved male condom catheter works for a large range of activities and people.
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We have a detailed video explanation with diagrams about application and use of the GeeWhiz® below.