External Condom Catheter Feature Allows You To Pee Normally

Our external catheter is unique to say the least. Why do I say that? Because unlike other external catheters, or some just call them condom catheters, ours allows you to pee normally, like you would without a catheter. This is due to our innovative mechanisim called the quick connect / disconnect feature that other catheters don’t offer. We designed the GeeWhiz with the customers usability and comfort while using the product as the top priority. Since we care about comfort, we have designed our catheters to be non-irritant by using only silicone gel and special gel strips for the external catheter.

Since we think about the customer first, we provide amazing customer service helping users with any and all questions related to the Geewhiz external condom catheter.  You can always call us at 1-800-639-9323 or  read our online frequently asked questions page   to help you 24/7.