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GeeWhiz® External Male Catheter For men:
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a condom catheter and a diaper?

The advantage of the GeeWhiz condom catheter for men over a diaper is that a diaper needs to be changed several times a day, where as the GeeWhiz is changed once during a 24 hour period.
The other difference is that diapers will emit a urine odor since it is not a sealed environment, and the GeeWhiz being a closed system with no air exposure eliminates urine odor 100%.

Can the geewhiz external male catheter replace diapers?

The GeeWhiz external catheter can replace the need for a diaper if the only issue is urine incontinence.
If there is bowel incontinence, then a diaper would be required, but the GeeWhiz could be worn to eliminate the combination of bowel and urine.
This is very advantageous in that the change of the diaper is much easier at his point.
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Why would you choose a male condom catheter urinary device over a diaper?

The decision of whether to use a diaper versus the GeeWhiz or condom catheter is convenience. One must also note that Diapers are generally not covered by insurance where the GeeWhiz Condom catheter is. The other main advantage is that by not having the urine in contact with the skin there is the elimination of redness, rash or skin irritation when using the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter. Another advantage is that the disposal of a diaper is large, as well as leaves an odor, where the disposal of the catheter has basically no odor.
Aren’t male catheters painful and diapers are not?

There are many different types of condom catheters. All except the GeeWhiz us some sot of adhesive which comes in contact with the skin. The application and removal of the catheter can cause irritation. In addition, when the urine come in contact with the adhesive, and it is not tightly bonded to the skin, urine can infiltrate the seal and cause the catheterr to come off.
The seal of the GeeWhiz is gelatanous and does “NOT GLUE” to the skin but adheres to it. It does not stick to hair, and when removed do not pull the skin nor cause any type of irritation.

There is really no paid associated with the Condom Catheter, except for the removal with the aggressive adhesive of the regular condom catheter.
Diapers are not painful, but if the user has constant contact of the urine and or combination of the urine and bowel, skin irritation can be as painful as a diaper rash. I didn’t know external male catheters weren’t painful like a foley bag.

The difference between a condom catheter and a foley catheter is the users condition. Foley Catheters are generally use in people who have some sort of urine restriction and are unable to go. In many cases, intermittent catheters are used, where the patient just inserts the catheter when the urgency pressure arises, and void the urine in the bladder, and then discards the catheter. An external catheter nor the GeeWhiz should be used under these circumstances.
At no time should an intermittent catheter be used with a condom catheter on, since there is the potential for causing a UTU. Urinary Tract Infection.

The GeeWhiz Condom Catheter or any other condom catheter is used when there is incontinence or the inability to control the flow of urine. Additionally, there are many who use it when there is extreme urgency and there is no bathroom readily available.

Retention catheters, or Foley Catheters are inserted and left for some period of time. The collection of the urine like the GeeWhiz or any Condom Catheter is by using a leg bag, or Bedside Drain Bag. The bags are then emptied when full.

With respect to pain, indwelling catheters can irritate the urethra which can cause some inconvenience andirritation. None should be painful, but if not use properly could cause issues.

Could I use the geewhiz condom catheter at work or would it cause problems?

The GeeWhiz Condom Cather is ideal for any man with incontinence issues. Since it is a closed system, there will be no urine odor as there would be with an adult diaper. The other advantage is that the GeeWhiz is “THE ONLY” condom catheter with a “quick connect/disconnect connector. This uinques advantage allows the man to go to the bathroom, and can use a urinal or toilet by disconnecting the catheter from the connector tube, urinating through it, and then immediately reconnecting the connector. An audible “click” will be heard to assure the connection is complete and leakproof. No one will know you are wearing the GeeWhiz unless you tell them. Self Confidence, and Dignity, are maintained.

Why should I choose the geewhiz condom catheter over a different product like a foley bag?

The choice of using a Foley over the GeeWhiz is determined by your Doctor. Since the use of the foley is for urine obstruction, and the GeeWhiz for incontinence, or the inability to control urine flow, the decision is for the most part pretty clear. The only other time the GeeWhiz may be considered in lieu of the foley catheter would be under the following conditions; the user does not have urine blockage or urine retention, but there condition, such as paraplegia, or other conditions where the use of the foley is more convenient for the caregivers. One must always be aware the when there is there is no obstruction, and urine flowing, that the potential for a urinary tract infection is greater by using the foley over the Condom Catheter, like the GeeWhiz. Urinary Tract Infection from the use of a foley is well documented, and is of major concerns to hospitals.

Couldn’t the geewhiz condom catheter leak everywhere and embarrass me more then a diaper?

The use of the GeeWhiz Condom Catheter when applied correctly should cause no leakage. Due to the many changes in size of the penis during the course of a day, if not applied correctly, there could be a possibility of the catheter coming off or leaking. When there is a concern under certain conditions, a diaper could be worn at the same time to avoid embarassment. This is a personal decision, and once the user has developed the confidence with the product, it should not be an issue. There have been reports of people using the diaper as “insurance” when they are on long trips such as 12 hour plane flights. Again, these are personal decisions and are based on difference circumstances.

The product is currently be used by the young and the old. Pilots, Divers, Hunters, Truck Drivers, and others that feel the need have used the GeeWhiz. The Paragliders have also used it as they need to stay hydrated while in flight and no availability of a bathroom. Parkinson’s patients have been using the GeeWhiz especially in the evening so they do not have to get up at night to go to the bathroom. Many accidents and falls, which could result in injury, or even broken hips, happen at night. The list goes on, and many people have different reasons for using the GeeWhiz.

How often should I replace the geewhiz I am wearing?

The GeeWhiz Urine Collection Device is replace once a day. It is considered a daily disposable. It sohuld not be worn longer than that since proper cleaning of the area is necessary for good hygiene. It is best to determine when you will be bathing, and apply it either in the morning or evening. That is personal preference.

I like the idea of an external male catheter, but I don’t know if my
insurance will pay for it. Do you know if they will pay for it?

Insurance plans will pay for the GeeWhiz. It is currently covered by Medicare, and Private Insurance Plans. A Doctor’s prescription is required, with the diagnosis, length of need.

Users must realize that when they are on Home Health, Hospice, or HMO’s that these products are not covered. It is the responsibility of the patient or caregiver to discuss this with their particular company they are dealing with for possible coverage.

Can you do a job like flying a plane while wearing an external male
catheter? Does it interfere with jobs in anyway?

The GeeWhiz Condom Catheter can be use under all circumstances where there is incontinece, or even urgency issues. This also includes enlarge prostate which creates an urge to go to the bathroom more often. Pilots, Hunters, Travelers, Truck Dirvers, Workers in jobs they cannot leave their posts to go to the bathroom, Drivers, etc. are all ideal candidates for the use of the GeeWhiz. There are no restrictions, and when there is a the availability of a bathroom, the emptying of leg bag is easy. Just put the leg up on the rim of the toilet, open the valve and let the urine drain into the toilet, close to valve, and you are done. NO MESS, OR ODOR.

What’s the best way to put on the geewhiz for optimal performance?

The application of the GeeWhiz is easy, but does require some practice. The male anatomy differs dramatically in that you have the circumsized male, non circumsized male, penile shaft length, and well as diameter. All these considerations taken into account,means that the user must determine which application method is best. There is a distinct difference in application method for the circumsized and non circumsized male. There are made very clear on the DVD instructions, or those on the web site or you tube. A protective garment is advised when first wearing the GeeWhiz, until confidence is built up. The company encourages calls when there are issues, so that the proper application method is understood.
800/639-9323 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNTMD-gMBn8 and by visiting the web site at www.urinedevice.com and viewing the Moving America Forward GeeWhiz Program

Commonly asked questions regarding the
GeeWhiz® IMD.

1.  How does the condom catheter work?

The GeeWhiz® IMD is placed on the outside of the penis instead of having a tube inserted thru the urethra. It is known as an External Condom Catheter for men.  Sometimes also referred to as a Condom Sheath, or simply a Sheath.

The GeeWhiz as shown above is provided with a male nozzle already in place. After it has been applied (“please see Instructions for Using The GeeWhiz”), the female connector is pressed over the nozzle and the connector tubing is connected to either a leg or bedside (bed) drainage bag to collect urine from the user.

The leg bag may be strapped inconspicuously to either leg.  At night, usage of the bedside drainage bag is recommended. The larger capacity of the bed bag helps you (and your caregiver) to get a good night’s sleep without the usual interruptions.


2.   How often should the GeeWhiz condom catheter be replaced?

The GeeWhiz should be replaced daily; it should never be reused. If you apply a new external male catheter everyday, then this will help avoid infections.

3.    How often should the leg bag or bedside drain bag be replaced?

Both the leg bag and bed bag should be replaced at least every two weeks. Proper cleaning is essential on a daily basis. Changing the bags once a week is preferable.


4.   How do I clean the bags?

The bags should be cleaned using a disinfectant solution especially designed for medical devices. Control III disinfectant solution is available in most pharmacies or hospital equipment supply companies. An alternative is to dilute 2 ½ (1¼ oz) tablespoons of vinegar in one quart (32 oz) of water and rinse the bags out with the solution.

After using any disinfectant solution, be sure to thoroughly rinse bag with clean water.

How do I keep myself clean and how often do I change the GeeWhiz condom catheter?

You should dispose of the GeeWhiz should be removed and discarded daily in order to maintain good hygiene. Proper hygiene is always necessary to avoid irritated skin, or even infection when using any external male catheter.

To remove, simply unwrap the SecureStrip™ wrapping tape and roll the GeeWhiz catheter off of the penis. Ensure that the GelStrip™ adhesive strip is also removed.

Wash the penis and genital area with a mild soap yourself or commercial cleansing product designed for this purpose. Showering or bathing is recommended in order to cleanse thoroughly and must be done daily basis. If you are bedridden and unable to bathe, products are available for cleansing oneself while in bed. Daily cleansing is a necessity.

Following cleansing, ensure that the penis is completely dry and free of talc or lotion before attaching a new GeeWhiz IMD.

6.   What if my skin becomes red or irritated?

Immediately discontinue use and notify your physician, pharmacist, or caregiver. Products are available to protect the skin from irritation and infection. You need to determine why the problem is occurring and solve it before continuing to wear the GeeWhiz IMD.

7.   What if my GeeWhiz condom catheter leaks?

Leakage is generally caused by improper attachment or placement of the GeeWhiz male catheter or using the incorrect size. Check to ensure that the correct size is being used with the sizing chart provided or obtainable on line. Check to see that the silicone GelStrip adhesive seal is wrapped securely around the penis behind the glans or head, and that the SecureStrip is snuggly wrapped around the outside of the GeeWhiz over the GelStrip “bump” as shown in the drawing above. When applying the GelStrip and SecureStrip It is necessary to apply a slight tension and wrap slowly so that the material lays down in a smooth fashion. Click here for instructions on how to properly apply the Gee Whiz®.

8.   I am not circumcised and do not know which way to apply the GeeWhiz IMD (i.e. over the foreskin or with the foreskin pulled back). What is the proper way?

To ensure that the GeeWhiz is applied securely, first pull the foreskin forward over the head of the penis and then applying a slight tension, wrap the silicone adhesive GelStrip seal behind the glans (head) of the penis.  This ensures that when the foreskin retracts, the seal is in the proper location.

When you first receive the GeeWhiz, practice putting it on, trying alternate methods until you are comfortable with the procedure. This will provide you with peace of mind and ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

If there are questions or problems with our external male catheter don’t hesitate to call us for help.


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