Condom Catheter Instructions For Urine Incontinence





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GEEWHIZ® CONDOM Catheter Instructions

Note:  We recommend downloading these instructions as aprintable Adobe Acrobat PDF file by clicking hereIt may take a few moments to download, be patient.  This file is 1.4MB

Figure 1. GeeWhiz® IMD

Selecting The Correct Size of the GeeWhiz Prior to using the GeeWhiz  condom catheter select the “CORRECT SIZE” to best fit your needs. Available sizes are: 29 MM, 32 MM, 36 MM. Use the GeeWhiz  Sizer™ template and follow instructions for best results. Make a record of your size for future reference and ordering.  NOTE: You may view and use the geewhiz condom catheter Sizing Guide shown below. If you would like to print out a copy of the sizing chart you may download the picture or use our conveniently designed pdf which you may download and print to refer to.  if you prefer you may call 800/639-9323 and we will gladly mail you a full size Sizing Guide at no charge.condom-catheter-sizing-template Cut along dotted lines.Place openings over penile shaft behind the glans or head of penis to select correct size.

Sizing Guide:Below is for reference.Please download the properly sized PDF file for accuracy.

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