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Can Male Condom Catheters Make Me Money? Possibly!

You may wonder if a male condom catheter can make you money, well the honest answer is in an indirect way they might be able to. Some people don’t want people to smell their urine or wear diapers, because let’s face it, it’s embarrassing. So, how can you make money with Male condom catheters? It isn’t the catheter in itself that makes you money, it’s how you use it. If you need to fly a plane a long distance and are unable to use the restroom, then you need a way to relieve yourself of urine. Our Male condom catheter can help you do just that. It can’t fly the plane for you, but it can help you with your urinary issues which can possibly result in you making money if you’re a pilot. Truckers get fines for throwing bottles of urine out the window and damages our world and costs millions of tax paying dollars to clean up, yet if they use a male condom catheter like the Geewhiz it could save them fines, help the eco-system and save tax dollars!

So, while Male condom catheters won’t make you money just by wearing them, they do give you the ability to perform better in your job, especially jobs that require a great deal of focus and don’t have time for breaks, whether it is a hacking contest called capture the flag that can go for days, a filibuster in the senate, paragliding, or anything else that requires a great amount of focus our male condom catheter can help you pee and be free while making money!

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