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What Is A Urine Device? — Urine device

A urine device can be a lot of things, but when we say urine device we are referring to an external condom catheter, unlike other condom catheters. While there are diapers and other products that are supposed to help with this issue, they create more problems then they solve. People who go out in public wouldn’t want to use diapers, because they’re very noticable and generally when wet people can smell them. Diapers are not the urine device you are looking for, no you need an external condom catheter. While a lot of external condom catheter brands have a high failure rate, we don’t. We also allow people to pee normally at a toilet if they wanted to do so, or they can just use the built-in condom catheter features that collects the urine and attempts to mask all the smell from urine. It is also non-irritant, since it is made from silicone gel.


So to sum things up a urine device is a product that collects urine, however we believe we’ve built the best urine collecting condom catheter on the market. We hope you try it out and believe so too.