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Geewhiz company logo that sells condom catheters
Male condom catheter visual instructions

$175 for 35 daily pack of GeeWhiz condom catheters

32 millimeter daily pack 35 day supply condom catheters

Our best features of our products.

geewhiz condom catheter urinary incontinence device.

Say goodbye to adult diapers and ordinary condom catheters that often fail- say hello to the 5 star reliable geewhiz external catheter!

to treat urinary incontinence many men use external catheters, also commonly referred to as condom catheters or male external catheters.

A male external catheter is a great alternative to invasive catheters used or incontinence and is a better solution than diapers or pads. The GeeWhiz fits perfectly under clothing, even when wearing shorts. No one will ever have to know you are wearing an external catheter. The external catheter is incredibly easy and straightforward to use.

GeeWhiz is different from other male external catheters in that it uses no adhesives to prevent slippage, skin irritation, as well as irritation when removed. Instead, it has a unique patented silicone gel seal to secure the external catheter in place and provide a gasket like seal to prevent leakage.

GeeWhiz condom catheter can be used for any situation where finding a restroom may be difficult, not limited to medical conditions. It is useful for many situations which includes urgency and is great for truckers, hunters, pilots, travelers, spelunkers, miners, etc.

Male external catheters also create a better quality of life for men who have urinary incontinence or from spinal cord injuries, prostate cancer, brain injuries, stroke, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson disease, urge incontinence, or other conditions like multiple sclerosis.

100% silicone

Non Latex. There is no potential for allergic reaction to the catheter


Non-irritating, easy to remove silicone GelStrip® provides a superior seal

Superior Catheter

Superior catheter retention vs. other brands

Universal usage

Accommodates both circumcised and non-circumcised patients

Patented QuickSnap™ connect/disconnect nozzle

Medicare/Private insurance subsidized

35 catheters allowed per month for qualified individuals

The GeeWhiz can be used for up to 24 hours. ​The leg bag and bed bags are generally changed once a month if cleaned daily

Why Should You Use A GeeWhiz Male External Catheter?

The GeeWhiz ® external condom catheter is ideal for home, post-prostatic surgery, those suffering from interstitial cystitis, and patients and others with stress, urge and overflow incontinence issues.

An external catheter is non invasive.
More convenient and comfortable than adult diapers or absorbents
An external catheter is discrete
Superior at eliminating urine odor
No adhesives are used
No clamps are used
You want to experience the freedom of an active lifestyle with GeeWhiz
We resolved 3 major issues

There some of the major issues which our product solves.

No Use Of Glue

We don’t use any glue or adhesives which leaves your skin without irritation and our device is easy to remove

Quick Snap Connector

Allows you the option to urinate in the bag or disconnect for use at a urinal or at a toilet

Anti-Kink Design

Our Anti-Kink Design will prevent urine back up, so your catheter won’t come off


Feedback from our valuable clients.

I have my life back thanks geewhiz external catheter!
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