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Adult Diaper Alternative For Urinary Incontinence

Adult Diaper alternatives for men with urinary incontinence is very, very important. Many men still use Adult diapers for urinary incontinence, but there is an alternative to those large, bulging, diapers that is discreet and doesn’t let people smell the odor of your pee, like an adult diaper does.

Also, unlike an adult diaper the alternative, a male external catheter does not irritate your skin from urine being on it. Our external catheter is superior to our competitors who have a 60 to 80 percent failure rate. We remade the catheter from the ground up, so it works, is discreet, the urine is odorless and is also a latex free alternative.

So, which would you choose, a big bulky diaper that let’s your urine incontinence to cause a rash on your skin and to smell or a discreet product no one knows or smells you wearing?

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