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Careers Need Condom Catheters — Truckers, Pilots, Miners, & Hikers

airplane shown to discuss condom catheters for pilots
airplane pilots use condom catheters

Pilots need condom catheters, because they are in charge of getting people safely from point a to point b and can’t risk their passengers lives to use the restroom. That’s why some choose our condom catheters for urinary discharge. Making sure you take care of your urine collection while also making sure you take care of your passengers has been a daunting process in the past, but our external catheter revolutionalizes that.

Another career is truckers that need condom catheters as well, because right now they’re improvising by peeing in bottles. Some truckers have switched over to condom catheters as they don’t have to stop to pee in a bottle and it is far easier to handle your urine discharge and disposal of urine waste safely, unlike truckers who throw bottles of urine out their windows.

As many know there is a fine for littering, which is why some truckers have switched over to our condom catheter.

Anyone who is going in to a mine, whether it be gold miners or coal miners can use our external catheter for urine retrieval, since most mines don’t have bathrooms.

If you like going spelunking for fun, it would be useful to bring some condom catheters with you as there are no restrooms in caves.

If you have to walk for miles all day, everyday without access to a restroom, you may wear diapers for urine retrieval but that causes irritation to your skin. Urine retrieval is best with our condom catheter, as it is not exposing your skin to irritants.

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