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Does your Geewhiz condom catheter contain glue?

Regular condom Catheters do have adhesive glue on the inside of the catheter.  When the catheter is unrolled, the adhesive is exposed immediately and the first point of contact on the shaft of the penis is permanent.  It cannot be relocated.  The Geewhiz with its independent Silicone Gel Seal, provides the assurance that the point of contact and adhesion is where it should be.  Silicone is not a glue but provides a sticky surface to adhere to the skin and catheter.  Upon removal it dislodges very easily with out causing any pain or discomfort.

So, why should you settle for regular condom catheters that may be uncomfortable with glue when we provide a glue free geewhiz condom catheter? The simple answer is you shouldn’t. You can buy a geewhiz condom catheter today.

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