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External Catheters Are Preppers Best Friend

Preppers want to be prepared for everything, but rarely do you see a stock pile of external catheters. Why? Because preppers aren’t aware that external catheters are man’s best friend.

You may have to walk for days with a group of people or be hunkered down in a small place for day . You don’t want to be smelling everyone’s pee, so external catheters which keep the smell of pee inside the bag are your best friends.

Survivalists need backups on backups of their backups, as we’ve all learned in the coronavirus pandemic. You have seeds to plant your food, you have enough rice and beans to last a few months in case the food supply chain fails while you are stock full of normal food.

Buying external catheters are a great backup in case you can’t use the toilet or pee on a tree. You need to be prepared for any edge case, no matter what happens. That’s what helps makes you the most prepared survivalist of them all.

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