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The Pharmacist Owner and Inventor of the GeeWhiz, Paul Dwork created the product after hearing so many cries from consumers that the current condom catheters leaked, fell off, and irritated the skin.  As a caring inventor he went to work and made multiple proto-types to solve his consumers cries for a change in the condom catheter industry, since the current external catheters have a documented 60-80% failure rate.

With a consumer base that was dissatisfied and willingness to test his new ideas and products Paul spent 7 years refining the Geewhiz condom catheter to meet the needs of the consumer.  It was wonderful to have a test group of men who constantly made suggestions, even when failure was embarrassing, to continue to support this inventive process.  When I asked why they stayed the course with product failure, the response was at least there was hope and they saw improvements with their suggestions.

Today the GeeWhiz meets the needs of men who are incontinent, or have urgency issues, and has removed the negative issues associated with the other Condom Catheters, as well as creating other advantages, which includes the only catheter with a quick connect/disconnect adapter.  The GeeWhiz is Silicone and has NO LATEX in the product.  It has been my pleasure to develop a product that has brought so much comfort and a solution to what is truly an embarrassing problem. 

Leading Edge Innovations, Inc, was created to lead the market in change and improvement of products. 

Paul Dwork, Pharm.D. President