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Step 1

Remove both plastic liners from the GelStrip™ adhesive gel and place the GelStrip™ on the surface of the penis behind the glans. While applying a slight tension to the GelStrip™, wrap it completely around the outside of the penis. Overlap the GelStrip™ and press it into place around the penis —DO NOT CUT!

NOTE: application method for our condom catheter gelstrips differs for non-circumcised males. The foreskin must first be pulled forward over the glans of the penis before the GelStrip™ is wrapped around the penis behind the glans!

Showing where to apply parts of the condom catheter
Step 2

Place the head of the penis into the open end of the condom catheter. Unroll the condom catheter onto the penis, over, and all the way across the GelStrip™ until the rolled end of the external condom catheter is behind the edge of the GelStrip™ nearest your body. Squeeze the condom around the circumference of the GelStrip™ to ensure complete contact and a good seal.

Unroll Geewhiz imd
Step 3

Remove the protective liner from the SecureStrip™. Center the tape on the outside GelStrip™ “Bump” surface of the condom over the GelStrip™ “Bump.” While applying a slight tension to the tape, wrap it completely around the outside of the condom – DO NOT CUT! This is one of the most common errors in application. Slight tension must be applied with the SecureStrip to ensure that the device will stay on effectively.

CAUTION: Do not wrap so tight as to restrict the flow of urine or blood.

Gelstrips on condom catheter image instructions
See Video Instructions

To download complete, printable instructions, click here.

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