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LIL Dicky ‘Earth’ Day Reminds Us Why Plastic Bottles Of Pee May Kill Us All

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Lil Dicky, a Jewish artist released what some may call the soundtrack for Earth day. “We might all die”, “we gotta save this planet” are key lyrics to his song reminding us how little time we have left to course correct the damage climate change is causing and how we are contributing to it.

Something Lil Dicky may not be aware of is people who don’t like diapers are using plastic bottles to pee in them and throw them out windows. This is not good for the environment as uric acid can damage anything living around the area and plastics aren’t naturally bio-degradable.

So, what can you do as someone who needs to pee, but is on the go?  Well, if you are male, our male condom catheters are an odorless solution to plastic bottles of pee. Our product is far safer for the environment than the amount of bottles of pee a trucker throws out the window. Truckers stop peeing in bottles, and buy one  bottle that isn’t made of plastic that you can re-use and re-fill often with water, not pee.

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