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Never resist the urge to urinate with our external catheter

Your body is designed to urinate when it feels the urge to do so from your bladder, so why aren’t grown ups without urine incontinence peeing everywhere?

It has to do with our ability to “hold it” a feature in our brain where we can suppress the primal urge to urinate. Even animals have this capability, but not all of the, use it.

Many believe that by suppressing our need to pee can possibly cause urine incontinence in the future, when we age. It is great to create a urinate chart on your iPhone or android calendar every few hours to remind you, or you can upgrade your body with our revolutionary external catheter, where you never have to pee in a toilet again, if you so wish.

We have a starter kit so you can try all the sizes for your penis and after that you can use our monthly kits that some private insurance and Medicaid help pay for.

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