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Our Condom Catheter For Urinary Incontinence Solves Issues Leading Catheters Have

Our Condom Catheter solves Issues Leading Urinary Incontinence Catheters Have

We are very proud of the hard work our founder took identifying and fixing each problem in the condom catheters that dominate the market.

First, our founder and inventor identified that most condom catheters fail 60 to 80 percent of the time and reduced the number so much, that isn’t an outcome anyone expects from our products nor do we.

Secondly, our founder identified improvements the product needed, like being latex free and got rid of glue and uses our patented adhesive strip.

Unlike diapers and condom catheters that fail a lot, you don’t smell the urine collected from when you have urinary incontinence. We’re also proud to say that our condom catheter is cold resistant and extremely unlikely to freeze. Your urine is the same as your body temperature, which helps avoid any frozen urine in the catheter.

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