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Truckers Wear Diapers Should upgrade to Condom Catheters For Truckers

Truckers wear diapers on long hauls, because they don’t know about our condom catheters designed from the ground up for truckers and others who have long drives. Unlike diapers and some condom catheters ours actually work for truckers and our the best in the business. We refined and refined our condom catheters so truckers can no longer wear diapers.

What’s the pros of our condom catheter over a diaper for truckers?

First, your insurance may pay for our condom catheters, which is why we have a prescription you can download. You can buy the starter pack to see what will work for you.

Second, you will not have irritating warm and then cold pee up against your skin that causes a rash, unlike diapers.

Third, Our condom catheters our well designed so they’ll keep working for you. We also don’t use any latex.

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