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Urine Device Changes Lives — Testimonial

Living with an Incontinent person is miserable.  Washing linens and clothing becomes a full time job, as well as a constant odor.  The GeeWhiz has eliminated this concern and now makes life bearable. thank you inventor.  

Mary Jo

My Husband has Parkinson’s Disease in advance stages. I am up all night helping him when he has has to go to the bathroom. That could be 4 to 6 times a night.  I have to get up with him in the morning and it wears me down.  Since I go him the GeeWhiz, we both sleep through the night, and when I get up in the morning, I give him his meds, have breakfast, and when I come back the meds have taken effect, and I can get him up.  The GeeWhiz lets us sleep through the night and there is not rush to have to get him out of bed in the morning.  Thank You.

I am a Judge, and although I do not like to admit it, but I am older. With age has come an enlarged prostate.  This has become problematic since I now need to go to the bathroom frequently to urinate.  The biggest issue is when I am on the bench in a trial, disruptions and breaks are inconvenient.  The GeeWhiz has allowed me to sit through and entire trial without having to take a break.  What a relief !! 
Thank you GeeWhiz.

Judge Bryan M.

I am a Paraglider and must hydrate by drinking water when up in the air. What goes in must come out…..Thank goodness for the GeeWhiz.  It stays on while in flight and gives me the freedom to go at will.
My Husband was in an accident and is now paralyzed.  Life changes so fast and no one is ever prepared for disaster.  We all have to make adjustments.  Taking care of our Grandson at 1 year and changing diapers is a snap.  Changing a grown man is a chore.  The GeeWhiz has now made my life bearable again, and I can share my life once again with my husband.  He is no longer humiliated with his incontinence and all the other problems that go along with it.   (By the way he is only 38, and we want to spend our lives together)  Now we can. 

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