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Watch TV While you Pee — A guide to Quarantine chill

So, you’re stuck in quarantine and want to chill? Watch TV while you pee is one of the first steps to being truly relaxed in quarantine. How do you do that without wetting your pants? For guys, you can buy our external catheter to get bladder relief, while getting mental relief watching tv.

Our device can make life so much easier. Going to the bathroom takes up so much time, you can now zoom and pee without anyone knowing it. Enjoy your life to the fullest by saying goodbye to the bathroom and hello to the geewhiz.

This device is designed to get bigger when you have an erection, makes an audible sound when the quick snaps nozzle clicks in to place, and overall is superior to competitors who can fail up to 93 percent of the time. We are designed to make that a problem of the past. Pee and enjoy life, don’t worry about the toilet, except for once a day when you get rid of your urine from our urine retrieval device

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