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Why Male Catheters Are Better Than Adult Diapers — urine device

Adult diapers are embarrassing and aren’t what a lot of people need. We’ve written a list addressing 5 things that the adult diaper companies probably don’t want you to know the answers too.

  1. Adult diapers, like Depends are not odorless. Our male catheter makes urine odorless.
  2.  You can easily tell when people are wearing adult diapers. Our condom catheters are discreet.
  3. Diapers do not store urine, they absorb urine, which only works for so long before it is leaking on to your pants. Our urine device stores your urine and is used by pilots, truckers, and others who don’t have time to pee.
  4.  Our condom catheters come in sizes specific to your penis, to avoid discomfort.
  5. Diapers aren’t discreet for work. The geewhiz is discreet for work, as no one will know.
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